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What do I need to do to get involved as a volunteer at the National Ability Center? 

1. Register as a Volunteer! 

Have you registered as a volunteer but have not logged into our new volunteer portal? You can choose the "log in" icon in the upper right hand corner and then go through the "forget password" process to access your old volunteer profile. 

2. Sign Up For a Training or Event under the Volunteer Opportunties Tab 

Any program you want to volunteer for requires that you attend a training. (Ski & Snowboard Assistant, Indoor Climbing Assistant, Camps Assistant, etc.)
Any event you want to volunteer for does not require a training. Feel free to sign up for what interests you! (Red, White, and Snow, Barn Party, Summit Challenge, etc.)

3. Sign up for Volunteer Opportunties and Make a Difference. We are excited to have you join the NAC Family! 



How To Sign Up For Volunteer Opportunites:

After logging into the volunteer portal, you will be able to sign up for any available opportunities by heading over to the "Volunteer Opportunities" tab and selecting "find an opportunity." We will be using Ski & Snowboard volunteer opportunities as our example. 


Here you will find all of the volunteer opportunities that the NAC currently has available. This will include any trainings or volunteer opportunities at our ranch location in Round Valley or Ski & Snowboard Program at Park City Mountain. 
You will want to make sure to select the volunteer opportunity you are looking for. Below you can see that we selected the "Ski & Snowboard Assistant" opportunity. If you have been trained already, make sure that you do not accidently sign up for the training again. The portal will only show the next available volunteer need for the program until you click on the specific opportunity you are looking for.  



After selecting the volunteer opportunity you want to help with, you will be able to see all of our open shifts that need a volunteer. From here you will be able to see the type of lesson. For our recreation programs it will show the type of lesson (individual or group lesson) the general demographics of the lesson (youth, adult, or family group) and the general disbility of the group (cognative/intellectual, physical disabilities, veteran group, etc.) Note: if it is an indivual lesson we cannot say the type disability. 
For our ski & snowboard program you will be able to see the type of lesson (Bi-Ski, Mono-Ski, Stand Up Skier, etc.) and the weight of the student and equipment that you will be helping with. Remember that unless specified (instructor is also in a mono ski), you will always be lifting the equipment with an instructor, meaning that lifting a 200 lbs. lesson will be split between 2 people. 

 For our ski & snowboard program make sure that you check the location of the lesson. Currently the location on all of our shifts will just say "Park City UT 84060." Make sure you look for the resort location that will be written in all caps before the type of equipment on the occurrence name. If there is no specific location name written, that means the lesson will be taking place at our Mountain Center at Park City Mountain Resort. We hope to have our location feature fixed on our portal soon. We will have lessons located at Deer Valley, Canyons, and sometimes even Brighton or Solitude. We don't want you to end up at the wrong resort! 



After signing up for a lesson, you will receive a confirmation email confirming the date and time that you are signed up. If you need to cancel, please do so as soon as possible. For any of our programs, we may not be able to run the program without volunteers.

With our parking situation at PCMR, it will be very difficult to get last minute volunteers and we may have to cancel the lesson for the participant without a volunteer. 

You can remove yourself from the volunteer opportunity by going to the "overview" section under the "my account" tab. From there you can remove yourself from the shift that you need. 




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Ranch: (435) 649-3991
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